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H150-2100LT Low Temperature Recirculating Water Chiller, 230V

H150-2100LT Low Temperature Recirculating Water Chiller, 230V


Part No.                             LW2100LT

Temp. Range                   -20℃~35℃

Temp. Stability               ±0.1℃

Temp. Control Mode     PID

Cooling Capacity          2100W@25℃


Pump Flow                       12.1L/min

L×W×H                              29×18×26 inches

Weight                               203  lbs

Power Supply                 230V,50/60Hz

For lower temperature requirements, LabTech offers the H150-2100LT recirculating water chiller to ensure accurate and constant cooling conditions for instrumentation.


The chiller is provided with a touchscreen display to monitor and control instrument temperature from -20°C - 35°C and is designed to operate on 230V/50/60Hz with a standard 230V US plug for use with similar electrical requirements. It has a PID Temperature control mode to provide Temperature Stability at +/-0.1℃ with efficient compressor cooling. Cooling capacity for the unit is 2100W at 25℃ and 200W at -15℃ and is ideal for use with rotary evaporation, reflux extraction and AA/ICP applications. The H150-2100LT has a pump capacity of 12.1L/min and a max pressure of 60psi for external circulation. The liquid circuit pressure is monitored and controlled via analog pressure indicator.


Furthermore, the unit is provided with a liquid level indicator for maximum safety of operations. The chiller has a built in drain to easily remove the liquid from the internal reservoir and water connections are located on the rear side. 


When setting the H150-2100LT to a lower temperature, a coolant mixture of 50% glycol / 50% water should be used to ensure proper functioning of the chiller. 

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