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High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)


HPLC is a widely used method for the purification and separation of components in a sample. LabTech's HPLC System is the flexible and reliable workhorse that meets your fundamental HPLC separation requirements.  The system is synonymous with dependable, routine performance and versatility.

  • Compact design provides flexible configurations to meet various applications.

  • High accuracy, precision, and sensitivity.

  • Small dead volume, low noise, and low drift.

  • Large LCD screen for convenient operation

Isocratic system

Standard Configurations

  • P600 High Pressure Liquid Pump

  • UV600Plus UV Detector

  • HPLC Workstation

  • Column and Column Oven (optional)

  • Start-up kit

Gradient system


Technical Specifications


P600 high pressure liquid pump

·         Principle tandem double plunger

·         Flow range: 0.001~9.999ml/min

·         Flow precision: <0.08%RSD

·         Flow accuracy: ±1%

·         Maximum pressure: 42MPa

·         Plunger cleaning: On-line cleaning

UV600PLUS UV detector

·         Wavelength scope: 190~600nm

·         Light source: Deuterium lamp (standard)

·         Tungsten lamp (optional)

·         Wavelength accuracy: ±1.0 nm

·         Wavelength precision: ±0.2 nm

Column Oven

·         Vertical type

·         Temperature control range: RT-120°C

·         Temperature accuracy: 0.1°C

·         Temperature control mode: PID

Chromatography Workstation

  • CDF data format: compatible with Microsoft Office, AIA   standard, and workstations of many leading manufacturers, such as Agilent and Waters.

  • Settable parameters of pump, detector, and autosampler

  • Settable sample load method.

  • Automatically process peak identification, baseline correction, segmentation of overlapped peaks.

  • Quantitative results can be output to Excel format via clipboard; Analysis records can be saved directly into an Access database.

  • The arithmetic program can overlap different chromatogram simultaneously.

  • The consumption of mobile phase can be monitored automatically.

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