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Solid-Phase Extraction

SepLine-S Automated SPE

Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE) sample pretreatment was developed from a combination of the liquid-solid extraction technique and liquid chromatography, which is mainly used for sample preparation, purification and concentration. SPE is widely used with different sample matrices which can be found in laboratories specializing in environmental water & soil, food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, clinical, among others. 

SepLine-S series automatic SPE instruments are available in either a Single or Dual channel design version. They are designed so that you can automatically complete the 4 steps of SPE, including conditioning the sorbent, retention of compounds, rinsing to remove undesired compounds and finally elution of the analytes of interest. A unique low-pressure sealing technology is applied to effectively control the column flow to prevent the solvent from mixing. Multi-channel mode can improve the SPE processing efficiency and guarantee the responsibility and stability of pre-treatment.


Technical Features

  1. Automated process of sample transfer, rinsing, loading, drying, washing and elution

  2. Positive pressure pump to ensure accurate flow rate and high recovery

  3. Automated holder up to 60 cartridges controlled via software

  4. Unique low pressure sealing tech and air bubble technique to prevent sample/solvent cross contamination

  5. Standard nitrogen blowing function

  6. Up to 7 different solvents managed via software

  7. Septum piercing function to prevent solvent evaporation

  8. Dispensing needle cleaning function to avoid cross contamination during liquid handling

  9. Different volume sample vials and rack options

  10. User friendly software with intuitive graphic interface

  11. Optional sample tray cooling device

  • Precise syringe pump ensures accurate flow rate

  • Quantitative tube ensures accurate quantitation of sample and kinds of solvents


Sample holder

  • The columns are taken to destination position by motor.

  • Accurate SPE column exchange in min. space

  • Support 1ml, 3ml, 6ml column



  • Programmable control, automated process of column transfer, rinse, injection, dry, washing, elution etc.

  • Real time display

  • On-line control, editing and modifying method

Flow control

Sepaths-UP Automated SPE

The Sepaths UP is designed for both cartridge and disk applications to treat samples with different volumes. It can be applied to extract trace organic compounds from drinking water, surface water, ground water, food, beverage and other samples. Sepaths UP automatically treats from 1 to 12 same or different samples, through the whole treatment process, including condition, sample loading, rinsing, elution and concentration. It is a closed system able to completely remove solvent vapors trough the exhaust line (included)

Technical Features

  • From 1 to 120mL/min flow rate

  • Accurate control loading rate of small amount of sample

  • Sample volume from 1mL to 20L

  • Different cartridge and disk available

  • Different sample collection vials options

  • Display for real-time process

  • Solvent and sample management system

  • Fast concentration nitrogen flow

  • Optional concentration module

  • Automatic spray cleaning of sample bottles

  • Possibility to manage via software up to 8 solvents

  • Separated aqueous and organic waste collection

  • Possibility to separate different sample phases

  • 1 to 12 samples run simultaneously

  • High pressure protection system

  • Intuitive and easy to use software

Sepaths UP-2.png
Sepaths UP-1.png
Sepaths -1.png
  • Clean and completely sampling

  • Easy installation-fast plug


SPE process

  • Disk/cartridge SPE application

  • Advanced solvent management system

  • Accurate flowrate control for small & big volume samples



  • Graphical operation interface, real-time working state display

  • Batch list processing function. Edit, insert, delete, save, pause etc.

Sample loading

Extrapid Manual Cartridge-Disk SPE

Extrapid manual SPE system is the ideal partner when treatment of large volume samples is required.
A unique and flexible extraction solution for standard and routine SPE needs in environmental analysis.

Technical Features

  • 3-ways valves to efficiently control the sample collection and the waste discharge

  • During operation process:

    • No need to switch ON/OFF the vacuum pump

    • No need to wait for venting and removing collection bottles

    • No need to drain the waste liquid and clean vacuum chamber

  • Up to 4 samples run individually or simultaneously

  • 1, 3, 6ml cartridge and 47, 90mm disk options

  • Flow control valve ensuring accurate flowrate and high reproducibility

  • Sample flowrate from 1 to 45ml/min

  • Parts directly in contact with solvents made of PTFE or stainless steel to ensure excellent anticorrosion resistance

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