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High Performance Solvent Extractor

 HPSE Gemini High Performance Solvent Extractor

HPSE® Gemini is the sample preparation instrument which features new high performance solvent extraction technologies, and designed and developed by LabTech, Inc. It applies liquid solvents to extract target compounds from solid or semi-solid samples at high temperature and high pressure, which can increase the extraction speed and compounds recovering efficiency. In addition, it integrates online sample concentration and solid phase extraction module into one station, which supports one-stop operation from extractives to final purified samples. It also relieves analysts from the drudgery of sample preparation, so they can put more efforts on sample analysis.


Technical Features

Flexible model design Three models of HPSE® Gemini, Gemini-EV and Gemini-E.

Multiple-choice connection interface Support different connection ports as one computer.

Large sample range 1~100ml Optional vessels selection: 10ml, 22ml, 34ml, 66ml, 80ml, 100ml.

Economic, environment-friendly and high-efficiency Less solvent consumption and fully automatic operation protect the environment and reduce the cost. The whole extraction of 2 samples is completed within 20min.

Enclose but vented system Built-in ventilation system.

Excellent solvent supply and mixture Extraction solvents are supplied and mixed by proportional valve which ensures the high accuracy. Maximum 8 different solvents are supplied.

Safe and reliable Built-in pressure control unit and over pressure protection system ensure the safety and pressure stability. Intelligent control system guarantee the instrument work under high pressure and high temperature.

Workstation User friendly operation software, including clear interface, convenient operation, and real time process display etc. Convenient and straightforward touch-screen control. Satisfy the requirements for different application. Integrates database management, solvent supply, method management and maintenance.

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Three Key Functional Modules

High Pressure Extraction

  • Dual extraction channels can work simultaneously or individually.

  • 8 different extraction vessels for option, the system can work with different vessels simultaneously.

  • Self-sealing extraction vessels, easy operation.

  • Extraction at heating high temperature.

  • Convenient maintenance for seal replacement and path cleaning to eliminate the interference.


On-line Concentration

  • Trinity of vacuum, heating and nitrogen blowing technique.

  • Surrounded uniform heating.

  • Adjustable end point.

  • High pressure pump ensure the accuracy of solvent volume.

  • Automatically spray rinsing, cleaning, constant volume and solvent exchange.

  • Support to exchange 3 different solvents.

  • Liquid level sensor is not effected by solvent color.


Solid Phase Extraction

  • Ceramic syringe pump for the adjustable flow rate.

  • Support 1ml, 3ml, 6ml SPE cartridges.

  • Separate liquid paths ensure no cross contamination.

  • Fractionation collection can be separately but simultaneously in two channels.


Key extraction compounds: PCBs, insecticide, herbicide, dioxins and furans, specific heavy metal pollutants, petroleum hydrocarbons, PAH, pesticide residues, antibiotics, residues of veterinary drugs, arsenic, bromide compounds, Active ingredients in natural products, pharmaceutical additives in health supplement, pharmaceutical and food packaging materials, etc.


Fields: Environment, Food and Feed, Natural and Pharmaceutical Products, Petrochemical/Plastic/Polymers, Chinese medicines, Packing materials, Health care products, Disease control, Forensic and Security, etc.

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