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GPC Cleanup

AutoClean GPC Cleanup System

GPC (Gel Permeation Chromatography) cleanup has proven to be a versatile and convenient post-extraction sample cleanup technique for a wide range of sample matrices. GPC cleanup eliminates high molecular weight compounds such as lipids, pigments, proteins, and polymers from organic sample extracts prior to GC or GC/MS analysis. Failure to remove these interfering compounds can shorten column life and increase analytical downtime. The AutoClean, LabTech’s GPC system, automates the GPC cleanup process for high throughput with complete reliability in a single system.


Technical Features

  1. Highly precise double-piston tandem pumps

  2. Analytical type: 0.001-10.000mL/min Max. Pressure: 42MPa

  3. Semi-preparative type: 0.01-50.00mL/min Max. pressure: 20MPa

  4. Variable wavelength UV spectrophotometer: 190~600nm

  5. Three-dimensional liquid processor with septum piercing capability

  6. Highly efficient stainless steel gel permeation column

  7. Fractionation according to time, peak, voltage, or pairwise combinations of the three

  8. Ability to collect clean and reusable solvents

  • Dual plunger semi-preparative pump

  • Stable recovery

  • Produces highly reproducible flow rates

  • Stainless steel material



GPC Column

  • High cleanup efficiency

  • Saves time

  • Low mobile phase consumption

  • Safe and environmental friendly



  • Graphical software interface

  • Real time display of chromatograms

  • Data acquisition, correction, processing and data report


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