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EHD36S Digiblock Digester

EHD36S Digiblock Digester

SKU: LH7017

Part No.                            LH7017

Max Temperature         450℃

Temp accuracy               ±0.1℃

Heating power               3000W

Sample tubes                 36x50ml

Digestion hole (DxH)     31x50mm

Heating material             Graphite

L×W×H                               54x44x20cm

Power Supply                  230V, 50/60Hz

The LabTech EHD36S DigiBlock offers high quality, ease of use and faster sample preparation in a variety of methods during environmental analysis. The unit includes graphite heating material and has 36 unit positions for use with 50mL digestion sample tubes, and comes standard with 1 (36) pack of 50mL Glass sample tubes and 1 (36) pack of 50mL Polypropylene sample tubes. It is designed to operate on 230V/50/60Hz with a standard 230V US plug for use with similar electrical requirements. The EHD36S features an advanced microprocessor that maintains temperature control accuracy at ±0.1°C, with excellent thermo-conductivity to ensure low sample temperature diversity. The digital temperature display allows for control of temperature up to 450°C for the stand alone configuration, with the option to program and store sample digestion methods with the LabTech iTouch controller.



Suitable for all wet digestion methods, especially for digestion in TKN/TN/TP determination. 1 Year Warranty Included.


iTouch Controller Features : 4.3 inch Touch screen display, Real-time temperature display, Adjustable heating speed, up to 14 step heating ramps, category methods storage, easy and safe cable connection.

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