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ED36S Digiblock Digester

ED36S Digiblock Digester

SKU: LH7016

Part No.                           LH7016

Max Temperature         210℃

Temp accuracy               ±0.2℃

Heating power               1400W

Sample tubes                 35x50ml

Digestion hole (DxH)     31x50mm

Heating material            PTFE coating/Al 

L×W×H                             42x42x19cm

Power Supply                  230V, 50/60Hz

LabTech offers a complete range of DigiBlock digestion systems to fit any customer's needs. The DigiBlock complies with the highest international standards to perform EPA approved methods. The DigiBlock uses low cost, disposable digestion tubes to speed up and simplify the digestion process. LabTech PP digestion tubes contain no detectable background contaminants and do not require washing with acids prior to use. Different sizes and disposable tubes are available to meet any laboratory's needs.

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