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New Products Release During Analytica China 2016

  • Author: LabTech
  • Time: 2016-10-17 11:35:00
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In Analytica China 2016 in Shanghai On October 10-12,2016, LabTech launched series of new products, including MAX-L mercury analyzer, EV400 rotary evaporator and wireless remote control hotplate etc., which attracted tremendous attention.


LabTech keeps on striving to provide innovated lab instruments and equipment to help our customers to solve the hardest problems and simplify their sample preparation processes.


To improve Your Lab by Our Tech.


1. MAX-L Cold Vapor AAS Mercury Analyzer

MAX-L CVAAS meets different international analytical standards to detect mercury in water samples and digested samples, with the advantages of wide working range, low detection limit, rapid analysis, user friendly interface and high reliability.


²  Synchronous rinsing during testing improves both test efficiency and rinsing performance.

²  Automatically reducing injection volume when sample concentration is over the high range.

²  High concentration protection by automatically rinsing flow paths after the analysis to avoid carry over.

²  Gold amalgamation enrichment unit and inertia constant-temperature absorption cell can remove the inference by water and other impurities and provide a more stable baseline and lower test line.

²  Overflow prevent system protects the amalgamator and detection system from any liquid overflow.

²  Dual absorption cells with constant temperature up to 120 can deduct background interference and remove water vapor disturbance and carry over. Design of two signals from each sample will provide wider measurement range and better stability.


2. EV400 Rotary Evaporator

²  Automated distillation with colorful touch screen controller.

²  Built-in solvent library, quickly start the distillation process by pressing one button.

²  Accurately monitor vapor temperature of sample.

²  Intuitive digital display interface for rotating speed, vapor temperature, graphical distillation curves etc.

²  Excellent sealing system.


3. Digital Hotplate

LabTech has been dedicated to the design and production of laboratory heating solutions including hotplate, digiblocks with high performance and high anti-corrosion for years. We're pleased to introduce the new elegant hotplate series with the most advanced functions and durable operation.

²  Full anti-corrosion design

²  Wireless remote control with real-time monitoring

²  Programmable heating

²  Method save

²  Optional external temperature sensor to check accurate sample status