PrepElite-GVS SamplePrep. Station

It provides flexible options of integrating different sample prep steps into one economical package.
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The PrepElite Total Sample Preparation Station provides flexible options of integrating different sample prep steps into one economical package. Three combination models, PreElite-GV, PrepElite-SV, and PrepElite-GVS, can run a variety of processes including cleanup, extraction, and evaporation in a single step. The PrepElite solution increases sample throughput while reducing errors and poor recoveries. It also provides a cleaner background and eliminates cross contamination due to its advanced closed loop system design.


Technical Features


v  Fully integrated station of three essential sample preparation systems: Liqvap concentration system, Autoclean GPC clean-up system and Sepline Automatic Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) system

v  Easily reconfigurable sequence of operation, such as Concentration->GPC clean up -> Concentration ->SPE

v  Flexible modular design, allowing Autoclean and Sepline to be used in series or independently

v  Highly efficient Liqvap, providing sample concentration option, enabling sample concentration to meet the requirement of next clean-up or analysis

v  Valuable solvent recovery function of Autoclean, significantly reducing the amount of solvents used

v  Enclosed system design, preventing evaporation of organic solvents, removing the need to use a fumehood

v  Fully automated operation; up to 120 samples can be loaded at a time and run sequentially

v  Great choices of sample collection vials; samples can be directly collected to GC/HPLC injection vials, eliminating the losses during sample transfer




Combined Systmes


AutoClean GPC + LiqVap Concentrator


AutoClean GPC + Sepline-1/ Sepline-S1 SPE


AutoClean GPC + LiqVap Concentrator + Sepline-1/Sepline-S1 SPE