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Commonly used solvents have different boiling points and vacuum evaporation levels and if the vacuum is not properly controlled, there is a risk of the evaporation being either too rapid or too slow, thus reducing recovery of vapors. To optimize the whole process it is necessary to connect an electronic vacuum controller to the pump to achieve correct vacuum in the system for all types of evaporation. LabTech VC1000 vacuum controller is light, compact and extremely easy to use without any extra cost for accessories. The vacuum controller supports all LabTech rotary evaporators and vacuum pumps.


Technical Features

v  Step vacuum control (different vacuum pressure with different holding time)             

v  Built-in gas discharge valve ensure high efficient and stable vacuum control

v  Built-in anticorrosive vacuum sensor with high precision

v  Fully anticorrosion design

v  Control on/off of vacuum pump to prolong the pump lifespan.

v  Alarm when the vacuum control fails to reach to the desired value







Display Mode


Vacuum control range


Vacuum control precision


Dimension (L×W×H) Inch


Weight Lbs