Sepaths UP AutoSPE

Sepaths UP is designed for both cartridge and disc application, and to treat samples with different volume.
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The Sepaths UP is an automated solid phase extraction system that performs simultaneous sample processing for both disk and cartridge applications.  It can treat large and small volume samples. The completely walk-away automation is as easy as placing your samples on the instrument, inserting SPE disks or cartridges, filling solvent reservoirs, creating your sample list with the powerful software, and then pressing start icon. The two models, Sepaths UP-4 and Sepaths UP-6 can work individually or to be combined for treating up to 12 samples, which provides more efficiency and versatility.

Technical Features

v  Support both disk-based and cartridge-based applications.

v  Accommodates 1, 3, 6 and 30 mL SPE cartridges.

v  Accommodates 47 and 90 mm SPE disks.

v  Access to as many as 8 solvents.

v  The flow rate is 1-80 mL/min.

v  The module design offers the flexibility of combining two units for up to 12-sample treatment.

v  Automatically spray cleaning sample bottles.

v  Allow different types of collection bottles.

v  Separately collect aqueous waste and organic phase waster to reduce environmental pollution.


Module Configurations


Requested Channels

Module Configurations

Sepaths-4 Qty.

Sepaths-6 Qty.


















v  Environment

v  Pharmaceutical/Clinical

v  Food/Feed

v  Biological/Biotech 

Technical Specification and Advantages

Both cartridge and disc application

  • Two systems: cartridge and disc
  • 1, 3, 6, 12, 20, 30 ml cartridge
  • 47mm and 90mm disk
  • 1 - 80ml/min flow rate for both


Flexible modular design

  • The software can control 2 systems at the same time
  • Combining 4 and 6 channel units to make 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 channel systems
  • Can run 6-12 samples at one time
  • High pressure protection


Software Workstation

Two systems can run two different methods simultaneously
Automatically spray cleaning sample bottles
Can use up to 8 solvents
Can use different types of collection bottles
Separately collect aqueous waste and the organic phase waste, reduce the environmental pollution
Can collect components separately
Can displayreal-timeprocess